I'm getting lots of javadoc warning messages in console when I run XDoclet. What's the problem? Can I avoid it?

Ara Abrahamian

You can safely ignore these warning messages.

Your code refers to a class that Javadoc can't find. Javadoc always complains about this, but it doesn't stop XDoclet from doing its job. It's a normal behavior from javadoc, because the bean you're running XDoclet on is refering to a class which is not yet generated by XDoclet but anyway javadoc tries to load it and it can't because it's not yet generated.

Unfortunately you can't get rid of these messages effectively. A later version of XDoclet will solve this issue by introducing its own doclet API.

PS: Note that the format of these warning messages vary in different versions of JDK. JDK 1.3 outputs "javadoc: warning - Cannot find class" while JDK 1.4 writes "cannot resolve symbol" in front of [ejbdoclet].