Are there any third-party tools that enhances the functionality of VA/Java?

Mark Johnson

Yes, there are both commercial and freely available add-on tools for VAJ that add extra features.

There is a product called "VA Assist" created by Instantiations. It adds numerous enhancements to the IDE that are integrated seemlessly. It enhances VAJ in 3 areas: code browsers, ENVY (repository) management and visual composition editor. A free trial version may be downloaded from Instantiations web site at http://www.instantiations.com/assist

The Tools API has also spawned a number of free tools developed by VAJ users that plug into the IDE. A list of these tools can be found at Scott Stanchfield's VAJ Tips and Tricks site, http://javadude.com/vaj/resources/tools2x.html You may also find other tools by posting your needs on the newsgroups.