How do you get EJB CMP to work in VAJ using Oracle as the backend (specifically, oracle 8.1.5), as opposed to DB2?

Prasad Thammineni

The driver, classes111.zip, that is shipped with Oracle 8.0.5 will not work.
You must use the Oracle 8i 8.1.6 JDBC driver.
This driver can be downloaded from the Oracle Web site.
From Web site: http://technet.oracle.com/software/download.htm Go to Download Oracle Products, Drivers and Utilities Under menu, Select a Utility or Driver, select Oracle JDBC Drivers Under menu, Oracle8i 8.1.6 JDBCDrivers for use with JDK 1.1.x, select JDBC-Thin, 100% Java

Also, refer to the article "Creating DataSources in the VisualAge for Java WebSphere Test Environment" in order to create Oracle datasources in VisualAge.