Where can I find the list of supported @tags and sub-tasks?

Ara Abrahamian

In your copy of XDoclet, open docs/index.html. The left hand side pane has various links to different parts of the documentation. XDoclet is itself just a framework, the concrete tasks are based on this frameowork. Two concrete tasks exist: <webdoclet/> and <ejbdoclet/>, the former serves as a container for web development sub-tasks (such as web.xml generation, taglib.tld generation, struts/webwork and so on) and the later is a container for EJB-releated sub-tasks (such as ejb-jar.xml generation, remote/local interface generation and so on). By clicking on the wedoclet or ejbdoclet links in left hand side pane you can see a list of supported subtasks for each of these two tasks and all of their @tags. By clicking on each sub-task or @tag you see the detailed description for each.