Is it possible to utilize EJB's from a legacy C++/Java CORBA client?

Robert Castaneda

The EJB-CORBA mapping utilises the CORBA 2.3, object by value standard. So if you want to do this in a standard way, you need a CORBA 2.3 ORB.

If the J2EE server that you are using has TRUE support for RMI/IIOP then the CORBA object and EJB can share transactions.

Most production quality ORB's handle threading of requests, fault tolerance can be catered for, depending on how you have coded your application (stateful/stateless) for the amount, if any, of work to do.

The Inprise AppServer 4.0, which is built on VisiBroker as well as VisiBroker 4.0 provide these features.