How can I design my servlet/JSP so that query results get displayed on several pages, like the results of a search engine? Each page should display, say, 10 records each and when the next link is clicked, I should see the next/previous 10 records and so on.

Richard Raszka



Use a Java Bean to store the entire result of the search that you have found. The servlet will then set a pointer to the first line to be displayed in the page and the number of lines to display, and force a display of the page. The Action in the form would point back to the servlet in the JSP page which would determine whether a next or previous button has been pressed and reset the pointer to previous pointer + number of lines and redisplay the page. The JSP page would have a scriplet to display data from the Java Bean from the start pointer set to the maximum number of lines with buttons to allow previous or next pages to be selected. These buttons would be displayed based on the page number (i.e. if first then don't display previous button).

Joe Sam Shirah adds:

There are many of methods to accomplish this. One way is to use the Pager Tag Library, recently discussed at Implementing Page Scrolling on the servlet mailing list. You may also want to look through the list Archives for other ideas.