What are all the steps that are required to port EJB 1.1 code to EJB 2.0 compatible?

Bozidar Dangubic

Question continues:
What are all the changes I have to do for my EJB1.1 code to port into EJB2.0 compatible. The present application is in EJB1.1. I need to port this code to EJB2.0 spec.

Ejb 1.1 code will run in the container compatible with Ejb 2.0 without any change.
But, EJB 2.0 is a more robust and powerful specification with many new features so you may considering altering your code to take advantage of these new features.
But as I said, you do not need to change anything to make EJB 1.1 code execute in an EJB 2.0 environment.

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