How can a CORBA object receive a message from a database trigger?, For example, if some batch process updates a record in the database how can that event be sent to the CORBA object?

Richard Landon

The answer for Oracle is as follows. Within the database trigger use the DBMS_ALERT package. You can bind your Java (or C++ even) code (within a thread say) to wait (with/without) blocking for the ALERT that is raised when the Oracle trigger fires. The binding to DBMS_ALERT package to be accomplished via an JDBC call to the appropriate DBMS_ALERT stored procedure elements.

For further information, see (1) DBMS_ALERT package for Oracle (2) JDBC API (to learn now to call a stored procedure)

NOTE: The notification you receive will be sent when and only when the transaction(s) that launched the trigger are COMMITED. If you want to know regardless of the COMMIT status, then USE DBMS_PIPE instead.