Where is the isapi_redirect.dll ISAPI filter for Tomcat 4.0? For earlier version of Tomcat (3.x.x) there was an ISAPI filter for IIS that would redirect jsp requests to the Tomcat server. Is there a version of this DLL for Tomcat 4.0? If not, how can I accomplish the same functionality with 4.0 that I got with the ISAPI filter in 3.x.x?

Alessandro A. Garbagnati

Actually the ISAPI filter for Tomcat 4.0 is still under development. The only real filter that has been developed is the one for Apache (since it is widely the most used web server). I'm sure that, as they did for the previous versions, the Apache Software Foundation will develop the filter for IIS too.

In the meantime, I think you should be able to use the old APJ13 connector and filter with Tomcat 4.0.
As specified in the releases notes of the Tomcat 4.0.1 package, to enable the APJ13 connector you should uncomment, from the configuration file server.xml, the following section:

    <Connector className="org.apache.ajp.tomcat4.Ajp13Connector"
               port="8009" minProcessors="5" maxProcessors="75"
               acceptCount="10" debug="0"/>