What is UDDI?

Davanum Srinivas

Ariba, IBM, and Microsoft developed the first version of UDDI, the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration specification. As the name suggests, UDDI allows a business to describe the services it offers and to discover and interact with other services on the Web.

UDDI is also a cross-industry open specification that is built on top of existing standards like TCP/IP, XML, HTTP, DNS, and SOAP. At the heart of UDDI is the UDDI Business Registry, an implementation of the UDDI specification. With the registry, a business can easily publish services it offers and discover what services other businesses offer. The registry is created as a group of multiple operator sites. Although each operator site is managed separately, information contained within each registry is synchronized across all nodes.

Specifications can be found at:http://www.uddi.org/specification.html