How to upgrade IDEA? I have IDEA install on my system and I want to upgrade to a newer version while preserving my setup. What is the best way to do so ?

Chris Bartley

  1. Assuming your current IDEA installation is at c:idea, rename it c:idea.old
  2. Install the new IDEA to c:idea
  3. Copy c:idea.oldbinidea.license to c:ideabinidea.license
  4. Copy the entire contents of the c:idea.oldconfigkeymaps directory to c:ideaconfigkeymaps
  5. Copy the entire contents of the c:idea.oldconfigmigration directory to c:ideaconfigmigration
  6. Copy the entire contents of the c:idea.oldconfigoptions directory to c:ideaconfigoptions
  7. Copy the entire contents of the c:idea.oldconfig ools directory to c:ideaconfig ools
  8. Copy any user-defined templates in the c:idea.oldconfig emplates directory (such as user.xml) to c:ideaconfig emplates. Be sure to not just copy the entire directory, because you'll overwrite any changes IntelliJ may have made to the standard templates.