What are the differences between JSP 1.1 and JSP 1.2?

Nitesh Naveen

Released September 17th 2001, the JSP 1.2 specification is now ready for public consumption. It contains everything from brand new features to corrections and clarifications of areas that were not quite right in the previous version. The most important changes:

 * JSP 1.2 is based on Servlet 2.3 and Java 2. 
 * The include action can now be used without flushing. 
 * The XML syntax for a JSP page has been finalized. 
 * Tag libraries can make use of Servlet 2.3 event listeners. 
 * A new type of page validator has been added. 
 * New options for tag library distribution and deployment have been added. 
 * Two new tag interfaces have been added. 
 * The conversion rules for String literal tag attribute values now include conversion to the Object type. 
 * A PropertyEditor can be used for custom attribute value conversion. 
 * The tag handler lifecycle has been clarified. 
 * The Tag Library Descriptor has been aligned with other J2EE descriptors and extended with new elements. 
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