What is the Commander for?

Ann Oreshnikova

The two-panel Commander paradigm is a way of representing a hierarchy which provides the following benefits when working with the project elements:

1. In contrast to the tree-mode views, the Commander always shows only one level of hierarchy which is rather convenient in some cases (e.g. when you are permanently working only with one package and don't want or just don't need to view the whole hierarchy-tree)
2. It provides a very convenient interface for copying and moving packages/classes (i.e., when using copy/move operations in one of the two panels, the destination is automatically suggested according to the location currently expanded in the opposite panel).

Some more details on operations available from the Commander can be found in the popup menus that appear when you right-click on different nodes in the commander tree. These menus are context-dependent and allow different operations for the elements of different types.