Is it possible to connect to multiple databases simultaneously? Can one extract/update data from multiple databases with a single statement?

Joe Sam Shirah

In general, subject, as usual, to the capabilities of the specific driver implementation, one can connect to multiple databases at the same time. At least one driver ( and probably others ) will also handle commits across multiple connections. Obviously one should check the driver documentation rather than assuming these capabilities.

As to the second part of the question, one needs special middleware to deal with multiple databases in a single statement or to effectively treat them as one database. DRDA ( Distributed Relational Database Architecture -- I, at least, make it rhyme with "Gerta" ) is probably most commonly used to accomplish this.

Oracle has a product called Oracle Transparent Gateway for IBM DRDA and IBM has a product called DataJoiner that make multiple databases appear as one to your application. No doubt there are other products available. XOpen also has papers available regarding DRDA.