Where can I get a Swing API hierarchy chart?

Sandip Chitale

You can get the class and interface hierarchy from the API Javadocs e.g. http://java.sun.com/products/jdk/1.2/docs/api/javax/swing/package-tree.html

To get a graphical hierarchy you could use many of the UML based tools like

  • Rational Rose
  • TogetherJ
  • MagicDraw
  • ArgoUML
and use their reverse engineering features.

Some of them come with canned versions of these too which can be found at http://www.rational.com/products/rose/support/download.jtmpl

There is also a neat tool written by Chris Seguin called Refactory which can do the graphical stuff http://users.snip.net/~aseguin/chrissoft.html

[FAQ Manager Note] Addison Wesley Longman publishes a Java Class Library Poster for Java 2, v 1.2 and 1.3. You can do a search for "Java Class Libraries Poster" at any of the online bookstores to find the most recently available version. (They update it often, so I'd rather not just give a URL.) At last check, the 1.3 version was not available at the bookstores yet, but is listed at Addison Welsey Longman's site.