War file and directories structure for struts applications Could someone give me a sample structure of a simple application (2 or 3 jsp, 2 or 3 Action classes ...)

Ted Husted

In open source arenas, it's become a popular practice to put the source below WEB-INF/src/java but that's a matter of preference. Most people tend to keep the build.xml under WEB-INF where it's easy to find.

The build.xml was written with that assumption, but you could change it to run from or get the source from anywhere you like.

Likewise, where you put (or name) the struts-config.xml " and the tld's can be configured in the web.xml, and is also a matter a preference.

The ApplicationResource.properties file has to be on the classpath, and since classes is always on the classpath putting it there makes it easy for the container to find.

Putting the JSPs below WEB-INF can provide an extra layer of security, but can also make it harder to reference stylesheets and the like.

HTH - Ted.