I am currently using an XSLT processor to render XML (into HTML) generated from an EJB. However I also want some of my HTML to include HTML forms (input boxes, selection boxes etc). Does anyone have any examples where they are doing something similar?? How do you handle the POSTs and GETs??

Thijs Stalenhoef

The first part of this question was answered by M.Kumar Sankar here.

How you handle your POSTs and GETs will depend entirely on how your system works. You can define the form action to be whatever you want it to be. If you want to store the data submitted somehow however it might be handy to convert the submitted data back to XML. Something like:


should do the trick for most simple forms. This should keep your "display" code clean since you won't have to display anything other than XML.

If the amount of stored data gets bigger you might want to look at using an XML store of some sort. Products like eXcelon, Tamino etc. might be what you need.