What are SQL3 data types?

Govind Seshadri

The next version of the ANSI/ISO SQL standard defines some new datatypes, commonly referred to as the SQL3 types. The primary SQL3 types are:

STRUCT: This is the default mapping for any SQL structured type, and is manifest by the java.sql.Struct type.

REF: Serves as a reference to SQL data within the database. Can be passed as a parameter to a SQL statement. Mapped to the java.sql.Ref type.

BLOB: Holds binary large objects. Mapped to the java.sql.Blob type.

CLOB: Contains character large objects. Mapped to the java.sql.Clob type.

ARRAY: Can store values of a specified type. Mapped to the java.sql.Array type.

You can retrieve, store and update SQL3 types using the corresponding getXXX(), setXXX(), and updateXXX() methods defined in ResultSet interface