I have a requirement to design a JSP forms-based application that uses at least 700 data fields. How can I design my application for something like this?

Ravi Verelly

User Interface:
We can split the 700 data fields into seven sections, each contains 10 forms(tabs) with 10 fields in each form.

Sec1	|tab1 | tab2 | tab3 |	tab4 |	tab5….
Sec2	-----------------------------------------------
Sec3		tab1 fields

Storing Data:
It is good idea to store the data in to a temp. Database table after successful completion of each section(10 forms * 10 fields).
This will be useful, if user choose to fill out the remaining forms later time.

Store each section(100 fields is not bad) data in to session and once you update this data into Database, you can clear this session data to use this memory for next section.

You can also use Cookies instead of the temp. tables to minimize the round trips to Database.
Also I advice you to read the FAQ http://www.jguru.com/faq/view.jsp?EID=134944