I am trying to build up a Development environment (using JBuilder) to write Corba Object Implementations, Corba Object Requests and Corba Server Implementations, all in Java. I am using Visibroker 4.0. Please help.

Bruce Martin

JBuilder 3 Enterprise Edition comes with support for VisiBroker 3 built in. It understands IDL files, invokes the IDL compiler, will build sample implementations, includes the VBJ libraries, etc. No doubt some later release of JBuilder will support VisiBroker 4. To get some support on your own now for VisiBroker 4, you could add the VisiBroker 4 jar files to your JBuilder library list under the Default Project Properties. Similarly, you could add any required command line arguments to the default properties. If you want to get fancier and automatically invoke the VB4 IDL compiler, you could write a JBuilder 3 Addin. The JBuilder documentation gives instructions in detail.