What is slush and what does it do?

Tim Rohaly

slush is the command-line shell environment provided by Dallas Semiconductor. It is similar to, but simpler than, the UNIX Bourne shell, or the Windows DOS interface. In the default configuration of TINI, slush is loaded into bank 7 of the flash ROM, thus it runs as the default program upon TINI startup.

slush provides a variety of commands that interface to the TINI firmware. Notably, the java command invokes the Java interpreter, the ipconfig command configures the ethernet interface, the TELNET, FTP and serial servers provide the named services to external clients, etc. For full details of the commands supported in the latest version of slush, type "help" at the slush command prompt.

slush is useful for development and for when you need to run interactive sessions on your TINI, but it is not a required part of the TINI OS. You can load your own program into bank 7 to run instead of slush.