Is it possible to externalize a compiler from the runtime environment when I run JSP?

Alessandro A. Garbagnati

Normally, if you want to use JSP, you need to have the compiler available and configured within your app server. The reason being that the JSP files are compiled on their first request (and first request after each change) resulting in a servlet.

I never had security issue in leaving the full JDK on a production environment, in particular on real servers (Unix based), where you can easily restrict the access to just the user that runs the servlet-compiler.

If this doesn't satisfy you (and I would be curious of the reasons), you can take a look at the jspc program of Tomcat. It's a Jsp precompiler. You can use it for compiling all the jsp files and generating the servlets. One option (I used this program once, so I don't know it well) is to generate servlets and denote them within the corresponding web.xml file, so you can altogether avoid putting jsp on the server.