What is JavaKit and how do I use it?

Tim Rohaly

JavaKit is a graphical application, written in Java, which uses the serial port on your computer to connect to your TINI Board's serial port. JavaKit gives you menu options which allow loading the firmware or resetting the TINI Board. You can also use it as a simple terminal program to log into your TINI.

JavaKit and its source code is included with the TINI firmware distribution. Because JavaKit uses the Java Communications API, it will run only on platforms to which the Communications API has been ported. You must have the Communications API installed in order to use JavaKit.

JavaKit is not needed for any of the above tasks - you can use your own terminal program to connect to the TINI over a serial line and you can write your own serial program to download the firmware. (And you may have to if you are using an OS other than Windows, Solaris, or Linux). But JavaKit does make these things more convenient.

Instructions for installing and running JavaKit are in the file RUNNING_JAVAKIT.txt which is included with the TINI software distribution.