I usually need 'wrap="virtual"' as an attribute for my textareas. It isn't part of the HTML spec, but it's supported in both Netscape and IE, and it's pretty useful.

Ted Husted

The Struts Action works through introspection. It doesn't know (or care) whether the value in a form was rendered by a Struts custom tag or not. This means if you use a standard textarea tag in your form, and give it a name that matches a property in your form bean, Struts will use that attribute just as if it had been rendered by a html:textarea tag. After all, this is all the Struts html:textarea tag does. To seed the textarea from the form bean, you could code something like:

<textarea name="article" rows="15" cols="60" wrap="soft"></textarea> 

And everything else will be automagical again.