When I boot my TINI for the first time, I get a long message followed by "TEST FAILED!". My TINI then hangs and nothing works. What's wrong?

Tim Rohaly

If your output is similar to the one below, you are seeing the message printed out from the test harness that Dallas runs before shipping. To fix this, you need to reload the firmware. Start up JavaKit then download tini.hex, tiniapi.hex, and slush.hex and reboot. Instructions are in the README that comes with the TINI software. Things should work properly then.

----> TINI Boot <----
TINI Version 0.06a
API Version 8000
Copyright (C) 1999, 2000 Dallas Semiconductor Corporation
Power Fail Reset Detected
MM POR Routines
0080,0100,0180,Transient blocks freed: 01C1, size: 00CAE0
CKM_Init Passed
Ethernet MAC Address Part Found

TTS Revision: 75 , Date: 9/16/99 4:37p
Thread_Init Passed
Creating Task A
Loading application
Calling BC_Main

About to run threads
Creating Task:
TINI Slave Tester Started
Set IP address to
MAC address is 00 60 35 00 3D C2
------------------> Start of Test <-----------------
External one wire failed!
89 3D 6F 5C 00 70 5E 3A
RTC says Test took 500
Test took 497
Network failed!
------------------> End of Test <-----------------