What does the Sun SDK contain?

Julien SIMON

The Java Card 2.1.2 SDK, released in April 2001, contains:

  • Two Java Card simulators: JCWDE (Java Card Workstation Development Environment), which is written in Java, and CREF, which is a native executable. The main difference is that the former doesn't support dynamic application loading, while the latter does.
  • Class files and export files for the Java Card API.
  • Development tools: a converter, an off-card verifier, tools to dump the contents of CAP and EXP files, tools to send commands to the simulator, etc.
  • Sample applets.
  • Tools documentation.

The current release doesn't provide any cryptographic features. Although most of the classes are present, you won't be able to build keys, which makes it pretty difficult to perform encryption and signatures. The root cause seems to be export restrictions enforced by the U.S. Government...