What is Open Platform? What is Visa Open Platform?

Julien SIMON

The Open Platform represents a set of cross-industry technical specifications, which can be used to develop secure, and flexible smart card systems. It includes both card and terminal specifications, as well as development tools. Together, these components define an easy-to-use smart card platform upon which standardized applications can be added, such as credit, debit, electronic purse, and loyalty points, as well as applications that support opportunities in a variety of industry segments. The Open Platform works across different cards and operating systems. It enables smart card issuers to choose between operating systems and application developers while providing a core security and card management technology.

Originally defined by Visa, the Open Platform has evolved into cross-industry specification for complete multiple application smart card management. The Open Platform is now owned, managed and developed by GlobalPlatform (taken from Global Platform FAQ - http://www.globalplatform.org).