Are there any standard lists of different countries' address formats? Additionally, can anyone recommend a standard i18n technique for storing addresses in a database?

swarraj kulkarni

It is really difficult to have a standard format for the addresses for different countries. Not all cities in all the countries are planned and constructed nor is there any particular agreemnet between countries, so the address conventions which you find in one place are not necessarily applicable to any other country.

For storing the addresses in a database, a simple technique is to store them in VARCHAR data format, because zip code in USA is numeric but in UK it has characters too. So if you store zip code in number format it will be difficult to manage for I18N. Most of the addresses have address1, address2 ( or more ), city, state/province, and zip type of information, so from an I18N point of view storing them in VARCHAR format will help to resolve the problem.

Joe Sam Shirah adds: The two classic issues with addresses are 1) Do I include the person's name, title and company ( or distinguish between a person/personal customer as opposed to a business customer )? 2) Moving address lines up for print/display when line 2/3 or more or not used. And another needed piece of information, for I18N purposes, is country.