Does JDBC have support for Bulk copy utilities provided by RDBMS products.

Joe Sam Shirah

Most of the major databases have export, import and/or bulk load utility programs. These are generally listed under administrative tools and utilities, and can be accessed via program calls and APIs. These utilities are not only outside of JDBC, but in some sense outside SQL, in the sense of meeting any standard. So the standards based answer is no.

There are some possibilities ( untried. )

From the The JDBC 1.2 Specification: "JDBC allows any query string to be passed through to an underlying DBMS driver." So, in theory, a JDBC driver could apply the passed string to a bulk load utility. I'm not aware of any that do this and it would be far from standard.

Some databases MAY allow utilities to be called from a stored procedure, so a standard call would work in this case. In the same vein, some databases allow creation of user defined functions that may be used in the same way.

An alternative available with JDBC 2.0 compliant drivers is batch updates, which "allows multiple update operations to be submitted to a database for processing at once." ( JDBC 2.0 specification. )