We have a Java applet which resides on the web server. It is CORBA based and talks to remote objects. We use Inprise's gatekeeper on the web server.

Willem Greyling

You need to sign your applet and grant it rights to talk to another machine on the network. Because you are loading it from the client's local hard drive, the sandbox prevents it from talking back to the corba server.

You don't have to use gatekeeper. You could export your corba servers IOR. (IOR - The object reference.) You then give this IOR to your client applet and do a object_to_string(IOR) on the IOR string. You then use the interface helper class, on which you are doing a bind(), to do a narrow on the IOR. This will bind to the server.

But you will still have to grant the applet rights to open sockets to a machine other that the one it was loaded from.

With java 1.2 there is a new security model in which you don't have the sign the applet.