I'm getting bizarre compile errors when compiling my parser? Is it because I'm using BEA/WebLogic, which also uses ANTLR?

Terence Parr

Yes, if you get errors like this:

CalcLexer.java:37: The method antlr.Token nextToken() declared in class CalcLexer cannot override the method of the same signature declared in class antlr.CharScanner. Their throws clauses are incompatible.
then you may have a version clash with WebLogic, which uses 2.7.0 ANTLR last I heard. From what I gather from people discussing this problem, you can put the latest antlr.jar file first in the classpath. I also heard that there where multiple classpath properties you could tweak with WebLogic such as the weblogic.httpd.servlet.classpath property in weblogic.properties file.