How can I map data from a DB2 UDB for AS/400 into an XML document and the associated DTD ?

Carlos Ortiz

Since V4R2 of the OS400 IBM has released two Java packages the JT400.jar and DB2_CLASSES.zip. With these you have access to almost all the funcionality of the AS400 system (program calls, dataqueues, spool files, etc..). It also implements a 4 level JDBC Driver and record level access to physical files.

There is an article, "XML APIs for databases", published in JavaWorld - www.javaworld.com - This article defines "a simple, pure Java implementation of XML APIs for databases that works with any JDBC data source. With this approach, XML tools can treat a database as a virtual XML document".

With these tools I think you have all the information to map as400 datasources to XML files.