Stateful Session Beans and Fail Over How are stateful session beans handled in a failover situation -- is this vendor dependent?

Shahram Khorsand

There is no standard for failovers.Each AppServer implements it differently.

I made a comparison between, Weblogic (WL), Websphere(WAS) and Borland App server(BAS).
I found that BAS had the best failover. They simply right the state to a database within 5 seconds intervals. This is of course configurable. BAS had even the best clustering alternative. My tests showed that this feature didn't have any impact on the performance.

If you are planning on spending alot of money. There are hardware clusters and different technologies that provide HA (high availability) services. see SUN clustering servers.

When it comes to WL and WAS there wasn't a clean failover technology that didn't impact the performance. Because the problem with statefullness is that it makes everything so much slower. I found that BAS gave us the best performance.