What is all this talk I am hearing of an "incorrect resistor" installed on the TINI Board, and what does it affect?

Tim Rohaly

TINI boards assembled the week of March 20-24, 2000, were stuffed with two resistors having incorrect values. Only the TINI boards, not the socket boards, are affected. You can identify these TINI boards by reading the date code on the white label attached to the TINI board. Boards which need to be fixed are marked DSTINI, 0011A ES, 115059 (the date code is 0011A).

Symptoms of bad resistors are troubles communicating over the Ethernet interface - these resistors are part of the Ethernet interface circuitry - the rest of the TINI board should operate correctly.

Dallas Semiconductor will fix the board for you, or send you new resistors so you can fix it yourself. For complete details of the problem and the fix, please read the following two posts from the TINI mailing list: