I am tring to use a jsp file with custom tags as the src for a frame. While the file works fine when being included via a jsp include, it does not work when being included as the src for a frame:

Ryan Breidenbach

I don't think this has anything to do with whether the page is in frames or not. As far as the server is concerned, "myjspwithcustomtags" is just another request for a page. For all it knows, it is a stand alone page. Either way, the JSP engine is going to process the JSP page and return the output. It is the browser's responsility to place this page in a frame. Remember, client technologies (frames) and server technologies (JSP) are usually mutually exclusive.

My suggestion to you would be to call this page that is included within a frame directly (as if it was a stand alone page). This should help you diagnose the root of your problem.