Using VisualAge for Java, the servlet engine starts but while accessing it from the browser it is giving an error 503.

Aron Tunzi

Message:Application is currently unavailable for service
Target Servlet: null

The error message 503 means that the service is unavailable and the server can't respond.

Did you test your servlet in the WebSphere Test Environment? Try to test the servlet and test it in a browser.

What you need to do is:

  • Click the "Edit Class Path..." button.
  • Check all needed projects.
  • Start the servlet engine
  • In the brower edit: localhost:8080/servlet/xxx.yyy where xxx ist the package's name (eg my.java.test) and yyy the name of the class (eg TestServlet); now the full path is:http://localhost:8080/servlet/my.java.test.TestServlet