What are the components of the JDBC URL for Oracle's "thin" driver and how do I use them?

Luigi Viggiano

Briefly: jdbc:oracle:thin:@hostname:port:oracle-sid

  1. in green the Oracle sub-protocol (can be oracle:oci7:@, oracle:oci8:@, racle:thin:@, etc...) is related on the driver you are unsign and the protocol to communicate with server.
  2. in red the network machine name, or its ip address, to locate the server where oracle is running.
  3. in blue the port (it is complementary to the address to select the specific oracle service)
  4. in magenta the sid, select on which database you want to connect.
I've found sometime user/password encoded in the URL. I never used this form, but here's an example:

where user=scott and pass=tiger.