What servlet engines support clustering -- that is, sharing of session data across multiple load-balanced web servers?

Chanan Braunstein



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JRun 3.0 (Right now in RC1) will support clustering with an add-on. check http://www.allaire.com for info.

[Prasad Thammineni adds:]

In WebSphere Application Server Advanced Edition, you have to enable persistent sessions in order to support session clustering. Also, you have to employ a load balancer like CISCO local director to distribute HTTP requests across multiple web servers/servlet engines.

[victor tago (vtago@yahoo.com) adds: ]

The WebSphere Performance Pack also has a load balancer called Secureway Network Dispatcher.

[Monte Kluemper:]

WebLogic server has supported robust clustering of servlets, EJBs, etc. for over a year!