I have a system developed in Power Builder. Now my requirement is to make it web enabled and I don't want to rewrite the buisness logic already written in Power Builder. So how can I use Power Builder object in my application written in Java using CORBA as midlle tier? Is it possible?

Jesper Andersen

I'm assuming that what you want is to publish your application as a service using CORBA.

The simplest way to do this is simply to implement a facade pattern or a proxy pattern (it's an issue of state in the server) to hide your application behind a set of business methods. There are then a few ways to couple the interface to your system: you can directly call your code base to accomplish the task; or you can re-send the method calls to your application using the pre-existing public entry points (be it native calls, or a network request).

Also from gargamail e, Apr 20, 2001:

Have a look at jaguarcts sybase ...