How does Qualcomm's BREW compare to J2ME?

Michael Dailous

Qualcomm's BREW is a proprietary API that allows the developer to access CDMA features without having access to the CDMA source code, or the CDMA chipset.

As for comparing with J2ME, the Java solution, there is no comparision. Here's an exerpt from the FAQ at Qualcomm's website:

1. What Java development options are there for BREW?

A. While QUALCOMM itself isn't providing a Java runtime for BREW, we are working with several partners to provide our developers with choices. At this time we cannot provide access to these Java solutions, but we expect to in the near future. In the meantime, you can use any standard Java development environment if you are developing a J2ME/CLDC/MIDP application or midlet. We also expect there to be direct access to BREW APIs in some of the execution environments.

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and the URL:


They are referring developers to the J2ME api's, and suggest to eventually make their BREW api's available to the J2ME environment soon.

Hope this helps. I work with Qualcomm as well, and can probably get a little more detailed information if you so need it.