Does anyone know of any detailed architectural design patterns for organizing a web application with multiple servlets (and optionally, JSPs)?

Alessandro A. Garbagnati

[Textbook descriptions (many) that I have seen so far really don't go very far in this regard- they either are too vague (use servlets/JSP between the GUI and EJB) or too low level (connect two with getRequestDispatcher())... I am interested in "proper" organization and functional decompositon of a multiservlet application, and am sure that many people are dealing with this same issue- thanks for your kindness! Barry]

You can consider the "MVC Design Pattern", a.k.a. "Model 2 Architecture".
There is an interesting article on Javaworld: Understanding JavaServer Pages Model 2 architecture. In addition, you can take a look at Struts, one of the many projects of the Apache foundation regarding Java. [ Ross Keatinge adds:
Also check out Webwork which is an MVC framework similar to Struts. For me as a Java newbie it was a lot easier to understand and get started with than Struts. ]