When using the Java Plugin, how do I get an applet to load classes from a JAR file not specified by the ARCHIVE tag?

Rob Edmondson

The Java Plugin will only load an applet's classes from archives specified by the archive tag (unless you modify the browser's local core Java API). You may specify more than one archive with the archive tag (ie: archive=a.jar,b.jar). An option would be to dynamically generate the page and create an archive tag relevant to any given situation. Another option is to remove the class files from the jar file in question, and put them in the codebase folder (or document folder if no codebase is specified). Loading classes outside of an archive requires a new connection for each class, increasing startup time. For local use you can put the jar in your classpath.

[FAQ Manager Note: See also How can i make the JAR files given in my applet's archive tag be stored on the client's machine and be used on reloading the same applet instead of reloading each time?.]