How can I configure jConnect5.2 in JBuilder 4?

Damien Bootsma

The first thing that you will have to do is create a Library for the Jar. You use Libraries in JBuilder so that it can find all the packages and classes for that project. Libraries are also used to create the Classpath when you run an application insude JBuilder.

To create a library Open the Tools | Configure Libraries Menu and Click the new Button.

Give the Library a name eg: jConnect and add the jconn2.jar to the library by clicking the add button.

Now that you have created a library, JBuilder now has to know about the driver.

Open the Tools | Enterprise Setup and choose Database Drivers. Click the add button and choose the library that you had created in the previous steps.

After you have done this, you need to restart JBuilder as it needs to update its properties files.