What are all the implicit objects available within a JSP page?

Govind Seshadri

The eight implicit variables available within JSP pages are:

  • request: This represents the request triggering the service invocation and encapsulates the HttpRequest object; has request scope.
  • response: Represents the response to the request and encapsulates the HttpResponse object. Not used often by page authors; has page scope.
  • pagecontext: Encapsulates implementation-dependent features as a PageContext; has page scope.
  • application: Represents the ServletContext obtained from servlet configuration object; has application scope.
  • out: This is an instance of JspWriter that writes into the output stream; has page scope.
  • config: Represents the ServletConfig object for the JSP; has page scope.
  • page: This acts as a synonym for the “this” operator. Not used often by page authors and has page scope.
  • exception: This represents the uncaught Throwable object that resulted in the error page being invoked. By default, has page scope.