How can I pass language specific characters through a query string to a servlet thats running on Tomcat 3.1 / Apache / mod_jserv?

Luigi Viggiano

[It works fine when I use Tomcat as standalone. However, when passing the query string through Apache 1.3.12 and mod_jserv.so the query string gets cut where the language specific characters start. I can see that Apache writes the language specific characters in the access log. So I guess something is happening with the query string on the way from Apache to Tomcat. I'm using Red Hat Linux 6.2. Is there a way to put these language specific characters all the way through? The characters in question are swedish (åäöÅÄÖ). Or do I have to do some gismo with mod_rewrite?]

Try using %nn (where nn is the hex ASCII key code) in the GET request.

[Also, make sure you're using the latest version of mod_jk (not mod_jserv) -Alex]