When I try to boot my TINI, I get an error saying "Bad API Version". What's wrong?

Tim Rohaly

Typically, when you boot your TINI you will get a whole sequence of messages which start off with something like this:

----> TINI Boot <----
API Version 8005
Copyright (C) 1999, 2000 Dallas Semiconductor Corporation
After the OS loads, it will try to bootstrap the program stored in bank 7 - this is usually the slush command shell. Here is where you might encounter the problem you described:
Loading application at 0x070000
Bad API Version:8009
Load App Failed!

The initial boot message indicates that you have version 1.0 (API version 8005) of the firmware loaded, while at the same time you are trying to run a version of slush compiled with TINI OS 1.02 (API version 8009). That is why you get the "Bad API Version" message.

To fix this, you need to make sure that the version of slush you load is the one that came with the firmware version you are using. I recommend upgrading your firmware to the latest TINI OS and installing the slush that comes with that.