When should XML be used? I know how to create an XML file, a DTD and parse data from an XML page. But I am still unable to find the right application of XML in out site (an insurance company). We have Oracle 8i as our database and use JSPs and EJBs 1.0. We have a set of questions asked and based on that we quote a premium. We also have searches done on data.

David Smith

Sometimes a tool just isn't appropriate. Just because you know how to do something doesn't mean that you should.

I have found XML to be useful for the following things:

Generating web pages from applications - the application can output XML and pass it through an XSL stylesheet to add all the pretty HTML eye-candy.

Creating "standardized" web pages/information that can then be formatted in different ways easily using XSL

Moving data between different parts of the system

Configuration files

There are lots of other good uses for XML, I'm sure. Rather than looking for uses for the new tool you've learned, you should be looking for solutions to the problems you have.