I am using VisiBroker 4.5 and JDK 1.3 ORBs, but am not able to have the two talk to each other.

Rahul Khimasia

The default IOR format is different between Visigenic 4.5 and the JDK1.3 ORBs. Hence the problems in getting the two ORBs to talk to each other. But by passing the property -Dvbroker.orb.embedCodeset=false to the Visigenic ORB solves the problem. Here is how the Visigenic Java reference manual describes the "vbroker.orb.embedCodeset" property "

When an IOR is created, the ORB embeds the codeset components into the IOR. This may produce problems with some non-compliant ORBs. By turning off the embedCodeset property, you instruct the Visibroker ORB not to embed codesets in IORs. When set to false, specifies that character and wide character conversions between the client and the server are not to be negotiated."
I started the Visigenic CosNaming service with the command vbj -Dvbroker.orb.embedCodeset=false com.inprise.vbroker.naming.ExtFactory and my server object with the command vbj -DSVCnameroot=NameService -Dvbroker.orb.embedCodeset=false rjava.corba.HelloWorld.HelloServer