I'm using a typical model 2 MVC architecture for my servlet-based applications. I want to use an XML file to contain the associations between components (e.g., servlets, processing classes, beans, and JSPs) but several associates have argued that this information should be placed in the database. I feel it belongs with the application since it is configuration information. Which is the better approach?

Subrahmanyam Allamaraju

Your solution is more appropriate under the following conditions:

1. The data is static, and is not being concurrently updated by other applications.

2. You would replicate (or make it accessible) for all instances in case of clustering.

I presume that this is the case, and so, storing it outside a database makes your application more flexible.

On the otherhand, if this data is shared (read and written) across multiple applications, and therefore is subjected to transactions, you should consider a database.