I want to buy additional RAM for my TINI Board. What comptible chips are available?

Tim Rohaly

The RAM installed on the TINI board is manufactured by Hitachi Semiconductor. Hitachi makes three compatible parts:

  • HM628512BLTT-5
  • HM628512BLTT-5SL
  • HM628512BLTT-5UL
The SL and UL parts have lower standby current requirements (about 1/3 for the SL, and 1/5 for the UL). TINI software doesn't currently have a standby mode, so you can't take advantage of this yet.

Product sheets and application notes for these parts can be found at http://semiconductor.hitachi.com/products/product_abstract.cfm?p_id=951 and http://semiconductor.hitachi.com/products/pdf/msmtd031d5.pdf

Adding RAM to your TINI board is also discussed in the FAQ found at http://www.jguru.com/jguru/faq/view.jsp?EID=22313.